Mobile Friendly Websites.

Mobile Friendly Websites


Mobile Website

Mobile Friendly website design.

Did you know that today over 60% of browsing on the internet is done by mobile devices and yet there are still a lot of websites out there that are not "mobile friendly". If your website is not mobile friendly is is not easy to view on a mobile device and you could lose a large percentage of your viewing audience, plus you loose Google ranking. So it is important to have your website mobilized!

That’s not to say the desktop isn’t important anymore; most e-commerce transactions are still taking place on the PC, and a multi-platform strategy is critical. However, many marketers and brands still treat the desktop as the primary area of focus, which is way out of alignment with consumer behavior.

Advantages of a mobile website include

Easier navigation for mobile users

Improve your visitor experience across all  devices

Increase conversion rates by using bold touch points.

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